Water Filtration

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Using any available material at home devise a method to filter water that has been contaminated. Be sure to document the materials used, procedure, and results.

STEP 1: Student here used dirt and coffee grounds to make contaminated soil

STEP 2: View of student contaminated water

STEP 3: Student used coffee filter and uncooked pasta to filtrate water

STEP 4: Filtrated water after first round of filtration.

The water before was almost a black color with grounds floating on the top, but after the filtration the water became a yellow-brown color. The color is like that because the grounds died them. It did a good job, and came out with no particles. The water is the same texture as normal water and has a very low viscosity (again like normal water)

The difference in the water before and after is tremendous. The water before the filtration was chunky, black, and it smelled a little. The water after the filration was not chunky, not smelly, but it had a little tint of brown in it. In the after water, there are no particles/chunks that I could see. Also, the water after was like regular water, in the sense that it was smooth and could flow if poured. I believe that the color in the water is still there because of the chocolate milk that was added.