Thomas Finletter

Welcome to our Classroom!


Thanks to the Boston Science Museum, they have donated a class set of Pinball STEM kits. Students learn all about the history of pinball machines, game theory, and create their own pinball machine that has an 80% chance of scoring at least 20 points.

Fairy Tale STEM

After reading Jack in the Beanstalk, students explored various STEM related concepts.

A 6th grader reading one of the many versions of Jack in the Beanstalk. In this version, Jack and the Beanstalk (and the french fries), Jack convinces the giant to grow potatoes because everyone is so tired of eating beans. The locals enjoy all types of potatoes- including french fries.

After planting “magic” beans, we were all surprised to learn that the only beans that grew were the ones placed in a dark closet with water. This seedling grew 10 inches after just one week!

In the fairy tale, Jack must get the golden egg back down to his house. In class, a zip line was setup across the classroom and students had to get the golden egg safely down without it falling out of the student made basket.

Billions of Bricks

After reading Billions of Bricks, students attempted to build the tallest tower they could with (foam) bricks.


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