STEM Star Research

STEM Star research posters are an excellent way to expose students to pioneers in the field of STEM, not just the most popular scientists. While researching popular STEM leaders, past and present, students are also collecting the most interesting fact about the individual they’ve selected.

George Ferris constructed the ferris wheel to rival the newly constructed Eiffel Tower. When visitors to the 1893 World’s Fair learned that Ferris constructed a structure taller than the Eiffel Tower, visitors worried riding the “Giant Wheel” for fear that it would dislocate off of its mount. The idea was too soon and too sudden, and the original ferris wheel wound up being scrapped shortly after being displayed.

Betsy Coleman was the first black woman to earn a pilots license in the United States in 1922. At the time, she was denied the right to attend flying school so she sailed to France to earn her pilots license. She later opened a flying school in the United Stats.

The Wright Brothers originally operated a bicycle shop in Ohio. The idea of building a flying machine was so dangerous that the brothers promised their father that they would never fly together for fear of being killed in a crash. In 1908, the first person was killed in a plane crash that was piloted by Orville Wright.