Ed Puzzle Codes

Please be sure to sign up for the class you are enrolled in by Period. Please do not search for a video on Ed Puzzle and begin watching the content, as that video may have been assigned by another teacher and Mr. Arno will not be able to see proof that you watched the video.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can reach me at aarno@chichestersd.org.

After logging onto Edpuzzle.com as a STUDENT, type in the code below based on when you have Tech Ed. Remember, you will need to create an account for Tech Ed, even if you already have an account in another class such as Science or Social Studies. Once you type in the code, you will see the content that Mr. Arno has posted.

Period 1: vamaumo

Period 2: wohiwaf

Period 4: kopfouw

Period 5: recsefs

Period 6: epiuniv

Period 8: riojiik