Defined STEM

Defined STEM is a program where students research possible career options related to STEM.

Zoology – After watching a documentary on the important role of zoos and aquariums, students research a zoo of their choice and compare their findings with classmates.

Students also select an animal of their own choice and investigate how much food that animal eats per day, week, month, and year. The results are displayed on a chart along with one interesting fact that the student has learned.

The program is enriched with selected readings from the Newberry Award winning book, The One and Only Ivan. The story is a heartwarming first person account of a silverback gorilla that lives in a cage at a shopping mall that is about to go out of business. Ivan takes on the responsibility to see that all the other animals at the mall are properly cared for before the final closing of the mall.

Teacher Note: During the research stage one student discovered a zoo that was permanently closed down after the zoo was found guilty of illegally purchasing animals without proper licensing and permits.